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Promotion & Dissemination

FoST is working to bring technologies directly to the communities that need them. With matching grants from the Rotary International, FoST has provided sustainable technologies to four rural villages in Nepal - Machha Gaon, Siddipur, Sunakothi, and Nayapati. After an awareness creating program including demonstrations of sustainable technologies, community members are allowed to choose products that best fit their needs and matched with their economy. We also conduct household survey to collect data on fuel source and practices, status of drinking water, health situation, education and economy of the community.

FoST's technologies mainly focus on the following:

  1. How to control water-born and smoke-borne diseases in the community?
  2. How to reduce environmental pollution in the locality?
  3. How to efficiently use available energy at the household level without using costly devices?
  4. How to use solar energy in daily life?
  5. How to reduce dependence on forest and fossil fuels?
  6. How to solve sanitation problem in the villages?
  7. How to bring a change in cooking behaviors for improving quality of life?
  8. How to empower women and drop out prop out girls in the village?

With your help, FoST hopes to bring technologies to even more communities throughout Nepal. Please click here to find out how you can help.

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