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Support FoST

Like most non-profit organizations, FoST must constantly seek new sources of funding to survive. Established and managed by the dedicated group in one of the poorest countries in the world, international donations are greatly appreciated and even small donations can go a long way.

$10 USD will buy a solar cooker for one family to reduce the energy cost.
$20 USD will buy a fire wood efficient stove with less smoke for reducing the heavy consumption of the fuel wood for cooking food.
$25 USD will buy a heat retention device or solar water disinfector to protect a family water-borne diseases and also reduce the energy cost.
$50 USD will buy a composting bin and composting toilet for a family to produce organic fertilizer for the agri. farm.
$100 USD will buy a solar oven or a solar parabolic cooker  Please click here to see the devices.

Make a donation on-line with our secure on-line donation form

Adopting a Village and Running a Program in Adopted Village

Villages are adopted by the social service organizations such as Rotary Clubs, Lions, Jaycees, INGOs, NGOs to address the burning issues of the community with local participation.

Prior to launching the program in a community, the above organizations set up its sister clubs in the village to look after their program directly on behalf of the mother organizations. They also train them to implement the program. Usually, this type of programs are launched with active participation of the community. The beneficiaries contribute some portion of the total budget to create ownership for sustaining after the completion of the program. The above clubs seek help from cooperating organization like FoST for technical support to implement the program effectively and efficiently. People in the community under the program receive subsidized devices. If they order more after the program they have to pay at market rate.

If FoST recieves adequate funding, we will select a village and set up its sister concern there to work on our behalf. If we have this opportunity, we will set up a first sustainable village in Nepal where we test all our sustainable technologies and build a community as unique example in Nepal. The village will be a demonstration place to all people. Community will receive products at a subsidized rate up to 75%. Community will contribute 25%. FoST will monitor and evaluate the quality of life of the people in the community periodically, and produce comparative data on quality of life prior to the villages adoption and after the completion of the FoST program.

Volunteer Opportunities

FoST also welcomes volunteers from abroad specifically on environment aspects. Priority will be given to those volunteers who can afford the FoST's overhead costs and also to cover the subsistence costs while they are in Nepal.

To Make a Donation

Now you can make a donation on-line with our secure on-line donation form

Donations can also be sent to FoST through a TT (telec transfer), bank draft, or Western Union Money Transfer Service. Before sending money, please contact FoST ( to confirm the most appropriate route.

Foundation for Sustainable Technologies (FoST)
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